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Vanta Bioscience believes that clients are partners in success and it is the client’s success that actually results in Vanta Bioscience’s success. We have built a client engagement framework based on procedures, processes and people. Some of the key policies to achieve this end goal are:

Confidentiality Policy
Vanta Bioscience believes that confidentiality is central to customer service excellence and the vital interests of our clients, and to achieve this we need to establish and maintain core principles and practices of confidentiality throughout the organization. The purpose of the company's policy is to detail the basic standards that employees and others acting on VBS’s behalf must adhere to with respect to confidentiality, and that must be incorporated as part of normal working practices as physical, electronic and procedural safeguards.

Please do ask your account manager or business development representative for a copy of the confidentiality policy to see how we strive to protect your data.

Our strategy is to offer partnership models building on the fee-for-service model towards adding value beyond a principal-agent relationship. As a science driven organization, Vanta Bioscience recognizes that sponsors occasionally seek a structured strategic association from a CRO. The following are two programs that have been utilized by our sponsors successfully.

Pilot Validation Program
This program enables sponsors to quickly evaluate Vanta Bioscience’s capabilities, probably for Non-GLP studies or in-vitro studies leading to consideration of capabilities for larger studies.

Preferred Sponsor Priority Advantage Program
This program offers qualitative and quantitative incentives to a sponsor who is committing to studies up front for long term, leading to a focused strategic account. We work with 4-5 strategic accounts in a year.

Vanta Bioscience’s business development team will be glad to share and discuss more details on this program. To schedule a call back for receiving a call at your convenience, please click here.