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Biopharmaceutical product development requires a concerted effort considering the risk of failure in the drug discovery and development funnel. Current approaches also suggest that companies prefer to fail early and to fail cheap. Economy trends point to the phenomenon of fair price discovery at outsourcing destinations in Indo-China for preclinical development.

Vanta Bioscience has developed its service portfolio based primarily on OECD approved test guidelines as indicated below. With the expertise of scientific staff having more than 100 years of GLP experience and with worldwide recognized certifications (DABT), Vanta is well positioned to offer services in Toxicology and Pharmacology for clientele in the Pharmaceutical and biotech space.

General Toxicology
Study Code Study Title OECD TG#
GN01 Acute toxicity, single dose, rodents 423
GN02 Acute toxicity, single dose, rodents 425
GN04 Multiple dose 14 - 28 days, with recovery group 407
GN06 Multiple dose 90 days, with recovery group 408
GN08 Chronic toxicity in rodents, 6 months 452
GN09 Chronic toxicity in rodents, 12 months 452
GN011 Acute toxicity, dermal (full study) 402
GN012 Acute eye irritation in rabbit 405
GN015 Local irritancy in rabbit (skin) 404
GN016 Guinea pig maximization (Magnusson-Kligman) 406
GN017 Mouse ear swelling test -
GN018 Phototoxicity test in mouse 432
CG01 Chronic toxicity 18 months in mouse 451
CG02 Chronic toxicity 2 years in rodents 453

Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology
Study Code Study Title OECD TG#
RT01 Fertility, reproductive performance & early embryonic development (Seg. I) 414
RT02 Embryo fetal development (birth defects and embryo toxicity) teratology (Seg. II) 415
RT03 Pre and post natal Development (Seg. III) 416

Study Code Study Title OECD TG#
GT01 Ames assay, in vitro 471
GT02 Chromosomal aberration, in vitro 473
GT03 Chromosomal aberration, in vivo 475
GT04 Micronucleus in vivo 474